Network Isolator NI-100R12 and NI-1000R12 Link

Connection of multiple medical devices to a network in hospitals or private doctors’ offices.

  • galvanic isolation of network interfaces of up to 12 medical devicesu
  • very compact design
  • allows for structured cabling
Supported interfaces NI100R12
IEEE 802.3U 100BASE-TX Ethernet
IEEE 802.3U 100BASE-TX Ethernet
IEEE 802.3U 1000BASE-TX Ethernet
Connections 2×12 RJ45 female connectors CAT5
Power supply none
Test voltage min. 4kV
Protection class II
Dimensions 19” 2 U, 19.02” x 3.48” x 3.15”
Weight ca. 1450g

Approved according to 93/42/EEC

Other accessories Link