FAQ – frequently asked questions about DICOM Camera Link

How much does the DICOM Camera cost?

We offer different models with a variety of components and software options. Please contact our sales and marketing department for a proposal.

What is the resolution of the DICOM Camera?

The DICOM Camera Compact has a resolution of 16.3 MP and the DICOM Camera Pro features a 20.1 MP resolution. Further information can found in our product information sheet.

How can I install updates on the DICOM Camera?

All updates are administered by a central DICOM Camera Server. The DICOM Camera itself contacts this server with each start and installs the update if applicable. We recommend to always authorize these updates.

How are the pictures transferred to the archive?

There are two possibilities to transfer the pictures to the archive (PACS):

  • automatic transfer immediately after picture acquisition
  • manual transfer after reviewing and selecting the images in a preview list
Where is the DICOM Camera Server installed?

The DICOM Camera Server can be installed on an arbitrary computer within your network.

What are the minimum system requirements for the DICOM Camera Server installation?

The DICOM Camera Server is running as a task and does not demand any special requirements. You can use any Windows system from Windows 7 upwards.

How can I configure the DICOM Camera Server on my DICOM Camera?

To configure the DICOM Camera Server you have to perform the following steps:

  • tap the symbol with the three dots in the right upper corner of the camera’s touch screen
  • in the menu select “settings”
  • select “DICOM Camera Server”
  • enter the IP of your DICOM Camera Server