FAQ – frequently asked questions about IBox Touch Link

How much does the IBox Touch cost?

Due to different configuration options of the IBox Touch is not possible to make a general statement about the price. Please contact our sales and marketing department for a proposal.

What devices can be connected to the IBox Touch?

All imaging devices with video output (e. g. endoscopes) can be connected.

How and where are the images archived?

The data is transfered via DICOM to your local PACS.

With an existing network connection the data is transfered to the archive immediately. Otherwise the image data is saved temporarily on the IBox Touch. As soon as the network connection is available the images are transfered automatically. Due to this mechanism the IBox Touch can be used offline as a mobile device.

Do I have to enter patient data manually?

No. Usually the IBox Touch receives a worklist from a worklist server. Details concerning ordered examinations are displayed automatically and can easily be retrieved. Manual input of patient data is possible, e. g. in case of an emergency.

How do I capture images or start sequence recording?

There are different ways to capture images or to start and stop sequence recording

Can I edit worklist entries?

No, you have to use the data as provided by the server or add a completely new entry.

Can I review archived images on the IBox Touch?

Recently acquired images can be reviewed.

Depending on the configuration this is possible within a few seconds and up to several minutes.

Can I delete archived images?

Recently acquired images can be reviewed and deleted. Depending on the configuration this is possible within a few seconds and up to several minutes.

If the images have been transfered to the PACS already, they cannot be deleted on the IBox Touch anymore.

In the rare cases of images not being sent due to some kind of error, they can be removed from the IBox Touch without reviewing.